Encoder and filtering setup within Docker
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A Dockerfile featuring several video encoding / processing / filtering utilities.

Build and run

$ DOCKER_BUILDKIT=1 docker build -t encoder .
$ docker run -it --rm -v /path/to/mount/on/container:/mnt encoder

If you want to use newer VapourSynth API4 instead of API3, use this command instead of the first one:

$ DOCKER_BUILDKIT=1 docker build -t encoder --target encoder-vapoursynth4 .

Included tools

Tool Kind Notes
ffmpeg General Tools static build from latest release. Can be accessed via $ ffmpeg
ffmpeg-git General Tools static build from git snapshot. Can be accessed via $ ffmpeg-git
x264 stable H.264 Encoder x264, the best and fastest H.264 encoder. Can be accessed via $ x264
x264 master H.264 Encoder Can be accessed via $ x264-dev
x265 3.5 H.265 / HEVC Encoder Can be accessed via $ x265
Kvazaar v2.2.0 H.265 / HEVC Encoder Can be accessed via $ kvazaar
uvg266 v0.4.1 H.266 / VVC Encoder Can be accessed via $ uvg266 or $ uvg266-10bit
vvenc v1.9.0 H.266 / VVC Encoder Fraunhofer Versatile Video Encoder (VVenC). Can be accessed via $ vvencapp or $ vvencFFapp
VTM 21.2 H.266 / VVC Encoder/Decoder VTM reference software for VVC. Can be accessed via $ VTMEncoder or $ VTMDecoder
aom v3.7.0-rc1 AV1 Encoder/Decoder Can be accessed via $ aomenc or $ aomdec
SVT-AV1 v1.6.0 AV1 Encoder/Decoder Can be accessed via $ SvtAv1EncApp or $ SvtAv1DecApp
rav1e p20230815 AV1 Encoder Can be accessed via $ rav1e
Av1an 0.4.1 Encoding Tools Cross-platform command-line AV1 / VP9 / H.265 / H.264 encoding framework with per scene quality encoding. Can be accessed via $ av1an
xeve v0.4.3-3890dae6 MPEG-5 EVC Encoder eXtra-fast Essential Video Encoder, MPEG-5 EVC (Essential Video Coding). Can be accessed via $ xeveb or $ xeve
revc master MPEG-5 EVC Encoder/Decoder Can be accessed via $ revce or $ revcd
VapourSynth R55-API3 Processing Tools VapourSynth API3. Can be accessed via $ vspipe
VapourSynth R62 Processing Tools VapourSynth API4. Can be accessed via $ vspipe. Requires using custom docker build target command.
FDK-AAC master AAC-LC/HE/HEv2 Encoder Fraunhofer FDK AAC code from Android. Can be accessed via $ aac-enc
Sushi Subtitle Syncing Automatic shifter for SRT and ASS subtitle based on audio streams. Can be accessed via $ sushi
vmaf v2.3.1 Processing Tools Perceptual video quality assessment based on multi-method fusion. Can be accessed via $ vmaf
MKVToolNix 78.0 Matroska Tools Creating and working with Matroska files.
MediaInfo v23.07 General Tools Convenient unified display of the most relevant technical and tag data for video and audio files.

VapourSynth API3 Extras

Tool Kind Notes
VapourSynth-TDeintMod r10.1 Plugin TDeint filter for VapourSynth
fmtconv r28 Plugin Format conversion tools for Vapoursynth and Avisynth+
vapoursynth-mvtools Plugin Motion compensation and stuff
VapourSynth-FFT3DFilter 64323f0 Plugin VapourSynth port of FFT3DFilter
znedi3 r2.1 Plugin nnedi3 filter
descale r7 Plugin VapourSynth plugin to undo upscaling
flash3kyuu_deband Plugin A deband library and filter for avisynth/vapoursynth
VapourSynth-BM3D r9 Plugin BM3D denoising filter for VapourSynth
VapourSynth-DFTTest r7 Plugin DFTTest filter for VapourSynth
VapourSynth-Yadifmod r10.1 Plugin Yadifmod filter for VapourSynth
ffms2 ef243a Plugin An FFmpeg based source library and Avisynth/VapourSynth plugin for easy frame accurate access
havsfunc 3b6a80 Functions Holy's ported AviSynth functions for VapourSynth
mvsfunc 90e185 Functions mawen1250's VapourSynth functions
fvsfunc 29ced9 Functions Small collection of VapourSynth functions
muvsfunc 6158bf Functions Muonium's VapourSynth functions

VapourSynth API4 Extras

TODO: build new table