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FriendsRPG is a modified version of DawdleRPG (an IdleRPG clone) written in Python.

Basic Setup

  • Edit dawdle.conf to configure your bot.
  • Run dawdle.py <path to dawdle.conf>
  • The data directory defaults to the parent directory of the configuration file, and dawdlerpg expects files to be in that directory.

Setup with Website

The included install.sh script will set up the dawdlerpg bot and website on a freshly installed Debian system. It uses nginx, uwsgi, and django for the site. At some point, you should be prompted to edit the dawdle.conf file, and you'll need to edit some configuration parameters explained by the comments in the file.

./install.sh <hostname>

If you don't have a clean install, you should instead look at the install.sh script and use the pieces that work for your setup.

Migrating from IdleRPG

DawdleRPG is capable of being a drop-in replacement.

  • Run dawdle.py <path to old irpg.conf>

If you have any command line overrides to the configuration, you will need to replace them with the -o key=value option.

Differences from IdleRPG

  • Names, items, and durations are in different colors.
  • Output throttling allows configurable rate over a period.
  • Long messages are word wrapped.
  • Logging can be set to different levels.
  • Better IRC protocol support.
  • More game numbers are configurable.
  • Quest pathfinding is much more efficient.
  • Fights caused by map collisions have chance of finding item.
  • All worn items have a chance to get buffs/debuffs instead of a subset.
  • High level character can still get special items.
  • Special items are always buffs.